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Bo Sang Fishing park

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Bo Sang Fishing Park is a 3.3 hectare lake on the outskirts of Chiang Mai stocked with Mekong to 60Kg; Striped Catfish to 15kg, Tilapia, Common Snakehead, Siamese Carp and a few other species that nobody seems to know about.

The layout of the lake is actually really good with a wide, clear pathway all around the 840 metre perimeter. You can fish anywhere on the pathway, there are three roofed off areas for shade but the trees surrounding the lake offer shade in most areas.

The main target here is Mekong Catfish and they are present all over the lake, so to be honest it doesn't really matter too much where you chose to fish. There is a channel that runs through the middle of the lake through to the far end that is supposed to hold the larger catfish, but as the park is not open after dark the chances of getting one of the larger ones are pretty low, the older and bigger fish will have likely worked out that if they feed at night they won't get caught. So expect the fish you catch to be the younger ones in the region of 15-30kg, they seem to feed all day in all weathers.

The tackle provided by the park is OK, nothing special but not too bad either.

Tactics wise pretty much anything with bread works, there are so many Mekong's in there they kind of jump on the hook. If you take your own tackle you likely already have the knowledge required to fish at these kind of fishing parks, but we'll add a video or two showing the easiest way to bait up.

Overall Bo Sang Fishing Park is a pleasant, spacious lake to fish on where the fish have room to run when hooked - it's easily Chiang Mai's busiest fishing park and well worth a visit at least once on any fishing trip to the area.

Opening Hours: 8am to 6pm, 7 days a week.

Cost: 300 Baht per rod per day including two bags of bait with your own rods, 500 baht per rod per day if you rent their tackle.

Website: bosangfishingpark.com/

Facebook: facebook.com/Bosangfishingpark

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    Fishing Asia: Tony Bignall with his first Mekong of the day caught on surface fished bread - for info on how to rig this go to the Videos link above.
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      Severi Miettinen Nice catch!
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