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Bungsamran Fishing Park

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Probably the best known of all the fishing parks in Thailand, Bungsamran Fishing Park is one of those places that you should fish once.

Not because it's stand out amazing, to be honest nowadays it's not even in the top 5 pay parks in Thailand in terms of the overall experience, it's just one of those places that everyone knows about.

There is dual pricing in place, at 400 baht for Thai's and 2000 for everybody else, but if you have a Thai drivers license or work permit you pay the Thai price, which is kinda fair enough.

The place is packed with large Mekong’s, use the Thai methods and you will catch all day. You will also probably be very bored after your 2nd fish, utterly knackered after your 4th fish and on the way home after Mekong number 6.

There are also a quite a few really big Giant Barb in there, and a few big predators but it's probably better not going for these fish in here, there are a World of issues with predator fishing there and much better options not far from central Bangkok.

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