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Mountain view fishing park and restuarant

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Mountain view is both a catch and eat and a sport fishing park, we have at least 31 species of fish, also our bar and restuarant seves a wide variety of Thai and "Farang" food and beverages, large screen projector and tv.

......FISHOHOLICS........ Mountain view species/records list- (32)
1-Mekong Cat-25.6kg/58lb 10 oz (Plah Buk)
2-Redtail Cat-12.1kg/26lb 6.9oz (Plah Amazon Daeng)
3-Tiger Shovel Nose Cat-3.95kg/8lb 11oz (Plah Sira)
4-Striped Cat-7.6kg/16lb 12oz (Plah Suwai)
5-Walking Cat-5.1kg/11lb 3oz (Plah Duk)
6-Barramundi-13kg/28lb 10oz (Plah Kapong)
7-Siamese Carp-3.8kg/8lb 6oz (Plah Cahoor)
8-Common Carp-10kg/22lb (Plah Nai)
9-Big head carp-7.22kg/15lb 14oz (Plah Tjin)
10-Mrigal-2.03kg/4lb 7oz (Plah Nuan Tjan)
11-Rohu-4.9kg/10lb 12oz (Plah Yeesok Tet)
12-Java Barb-1.92kg/4lb 7oz (Plah Tapian)
13-Spotted Knifefish-1.98kg/4lb 5oz (Plah Klaey)
14-Marbled Sand Goby-1.5kg/3lb 4oz (Plah Boo)
15-Tillapia-2.0kg/4lb 6oz (Plah Nin)
16-R/B Pacu-4.7kg/10lb 5oz (Plah Jaramet)
17-Chao Phraya cat-1.4kg/3lb 1oz (PlahTepa)
Species below 1kg (for now)
18-Spotted Gourami (Plah ????)
19-????Cat (Plah Kayeng)
20-Plecostamus (Plah Sucker/Plah Dood Glajok)-0.9kg(1lb 15oz)
21-Giant Snakehead (Plah Shado)
22-Striped Snakehead-0.9kg(1lb 15oz) (Plah chon)
23-Arrawana (Plah Tapat)
24-Giant Gourami (Plah Let)
25-Red Tilapia (Plah Tubtim)
26-???????? (Plah Kod Kaeng)
27-???????? (Plah Seuw)
28-Ghost Knifefish (Plah Shalad)
29-Smiths Barb (?) (Plah Nam)
30- ???????? (Plah Mor)
31-Tiger s/nose x Redtail -0.84kg(1lb 13oz)
32- Koi Carp (????????)

Please check out our facebook page at: facebook.com/fishoholics for full details.

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    Fishing Asia: — at Mountain view fishing park and restuarant
    • June 12, 2016
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      Fishing Asia Thanks Shane, both of us really enjoyed yesterday. We'll be back, very soon!
      • June 13, 2016
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      Deleted Member Was a pleasure meeting you boys, hope to see you again soon.
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