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Pai Piranha Fishing Park

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Welcome to the Pai Piranha Fishing Park.

Hi and Welcome to the Pai Piranha Fishing Park & Guesthouse located in the foothills above Pai in Northern Thailand. After living in Pai for 14 years I decided 8 years ago it was time to follow my passion and create this fantastic park only 5 minutes from Mhor Paeng Waterfall and 10 minutes from the City Centre.

To find me all you have to do is follow the signs from the Pai Hospital, staying on the same road for approximately 7km. The road is well signed so you should have no problems. Having said that, it’s always handy to have a detailed map with you so I’ve provided you with a Google Map that you can follow on your smart phone. It’s pretty simple really, you turn right out of the government bus station and head west towards Mhor Pheng Waterfall passing the Pai Hospital, the Montis Resort, Wat Naam Hoo, the Chinese & Lisu Villages until you hit the cross roads. From here head straight for 50m and take the first right down to the park!

Contact Details:

FB: facebook.com/paipiranhafishingpark/

Web: paipiranhafishingpark.paiexplorer.com

Email: piranhapark@gmail.com

  • Severi Miettinen
    Severi Miettinen: Piranha park catches from last May (2016):
    • September 5, 2016
  • Severi Miettinen
    Severi Miettinen: I had the pleasure to spend 5 nights in Pai Piranha Fishing Park last June. It's a great little place to fish and relax. Fishing here is cheap, food portions huge and beer is cold and plentiful. Owner, Dave, is a great guy with lots of knowledge of the surrounding areas. He also obviously knows his fish and will give you tips how to be succesful with your fishing.
    There's many species to be caught here. I managed to catch 12 different species and I think there's almost tweleve more to be caught next time. Hybrid redtail and Pacus were my most memorable catches. Blue catfish and Tiger Shovelnose catfish were on my "Piranha park bucketlist" but those will have to wait until next time.
    Fishing is mostly done with float/feeder rig with bread as bait. You'll be able to catch almost every spieces here with bread. My favourite way to fish was with only hook and breadbait. No sinkers, feeders or floats. I pressed the bread a bit so it wouldn't float, but instead sink slowly towards the bottom. With the "freeline" rig I was able to stalk fish early in the morning when I was the only customer and the fish were cruising up in the shallows. Also during the day when other fishermen were splashing around with their feeders I was able to pick up fish even if the bite was bit off. If fish were more active the feeder rig worked better. You can buy a mixed bag of bait including mussels and offals that work well for predatory catfish. I usually fished with mussels and chicken liver in the evening from the margins with sliding sinker rig. You'd usually catch some Walking catfish along other spieces (The Walking catfish are one difficult fish to handle. Slippery and always moving, they're almost impossible to hold on to. They however quiet down a bit if you lip them and hold on from their lower jaw). Also an interesting way to fish is to float bread on the surface. Chum with pieces of toast so they float in the surface and when fish come up and start feeding, toss your bait in to the mix. Tilapia, different Carp spieces and also big Catfish come up to feed on floating bread. Best place to use this techique is just in front of the restaurant.
    Because of Pacus, I recommend using braided hooklink. They bit through my 12lbs fluoro leader like it was made of hair. You might be ok with most of the spieces with light gear, but the bigger cats and Pacus will destroy anything UL so I recommend medium to heavy gear.
    • August 9, 2016
  • Severi Miettinen
    Severi Miettinen: Bit over 3kg of hard fighting Pacu. Caught with freelined bread.
    • August 7, 2016
  • Severi Miettinen
    Severi Miettinen: 7 kg Hybrid Redtail caught with freelined bread from the margins.
    • August 7, 2016
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